How Do I Reduce My Stock For Resale Once I have Completed A Transaction For A Customer?

Q: How Do I Reduce My Stock For Resale Once I have Completed A Transaction For A Customer?

I have an Accounting Software Question. How do I reduce my stock for resale once I have completed a transaction for a customer?

  1. Peter Connor October 28, 2014
    Hi A,

    I'm not sure I understand your question. We don't offer a stock system in Bullet.

    Maybe you can tell me a bit more and I can give you a better answer hopefully.


  2. Hi Pete,

    So we have bought materials and products which we have worked on and then sold these products to our customers. I have put these materials and products into the Stock for Resale account. How do I reduce the Stock for Resale account once I have sold this inventory on to the customer?

  3. Peter Connor October 28, 2014
    Hi Aodhan,

    Let me pass this onto John and get you a better answer, you can use manual journal entries to manage all the accounts manually.

    I'll have an answer for you this evening.


  4. Perfect, thank you Pete

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Peter Connor Staff October 28, 2014

Hi A,
I just had a chat with Johnny. We’re going to make this a little easier to do as more retailers are signing up to the product, and we’re looking to partner with some online retailers. 
So over the next couple of months we’ll bring this feature into a workflow. For the time being you’ll have to use Manual Journal Entries to make the adjustments. 

I can’t give you any advice on how to make those adjustments as we’re not accountants, but your accountant can advise you. You can give your accountant access to your Bullet accounts by inviting him in. 
* If you’re not familiar with Manual Journal Entries I wouldn’t try them, you can mess things up a bit. But, once your accountant shows you, you can do it easy. 
Hope that helps.


  1. Thank you Pete.
    I should be ok with the journal entries, just as long as I don't get my debit and credits mixed up!
  2. Peter Connor October 28, 2014
    Ha, well you're asking the wrong guy. We're a full double entry accounting software solution like a Sage Line 50 or Xero. We just built the accounting logic into workflows. We only put the most pop actions into workflows as it's complex to build, to make it simple.

    We'll be looking at this in about 2 months. Hopefully we won't need a bigger boat by then. :)


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