How Do You Create Recurring Invoices In Bullet

Q: How Do You Create Recurring Invoices In Bullet Free Invoice Software?

Sometimes you have invoices that you just want to automate, if you sell hosting, support or a standard monthly retainer. Now you can do this with a couple of clicks.

When you create a Recurring Invoice you’re creating a template invoice that will be scheduled for generation at the dates you defined.

So, if you you wanted to create a Recurring Invoices to be sent to your client every month. Simple create the recurring invoice template scheduled to be generated at the beginning of each month. At the beginning of each month Bullet’s invoice engine will create a new invoice for you. This generated invoice if marked to be sent will be sitting in your Due tab, if it wasn’t marked to be sent it will be sitting in your Draft tab in Invoice Overview.

You can modify the generation of these invoices by editing the recurring invoice template.



Main Features:

All the features of a standard invoice included.

  • Start Date: You can create a start date for the invoices.
  • Payments: Invoices marked as paid will appear like normal invoices in the paid tab. You can’t create a recurring invoices that’s marked as paid.
  • End Date: You can leave the invoice open or create an end date. 
  • Early Start Date: If you pick a start date prior to, today it will generate all the earlier invoices. If they’re marked to be emailed we send them, if you don’t we generate them and place them in Daft. 
  • Repeats: You can set-up the intervals, from every week to every 3 years and in between.
  • Edit: You can edit your invoice at any stage or delete it. 
  • Sending: You can automatically include yourself or your client when sending the invoice.
  • Brandings: You can create recurring invoices for any of your multiple brandings.
  • Multi Currency: You pick any currency you want to create the invoice in, we’ll convert them back to your home currency as with standard invoices. 
  • Comments & Files: Add files and comments to the recurring invoice to keep track of customer behaviour.
  • Overview: See your recurring invoices in the new Recurring tab. All invoices generated from those recurring invoices will be places in the other tabs, sent in sent etc. 


  1. Well done! Nice to see improvements rolling out.
  2. Peter Connor March 6, 2015
    Thanks Eoin,

    Main product built (each feature is about 6mts build) so now you'll see features, Stripe, Recurring etc coming every 2weeks.


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