How Do You Manage Bullets Mileage Rate Calculator

Q: How Do You Manage Bullets Mileage Rate Calculator?

Hi there,
Have the milage rates changed on the system? I noticed the current rate is set at €0.28 per km and previously was set at €0.59 per km
Thanks in advance

  1. Peter Connor December 2, 2014
    Hey Keith,

    They shouldn't have. There are caps on mileage allowances, as in they drop when you hit certain thresh holds.

    I'll look into it for you just encase.

  2. cleardesigns December 2, 2014
    Hey Pete,

    I reckon it might be that I have hit the cap, I actually wasn't aware of that. So my next question does the system allow you to export the total km?

  3. Peter Connor December 2, 2014
    Bullet with automatically adjust based on the rules.

    What do you mean export?

  4. cleardesigns December 2, 2014
    Hi Pete,

    I mean export to Excel. I see I can do that and it gives me the breakdown of all the journeys and cost but not distances in km.

  5. Peter Connor December 2, 2014
    Cool, I'll find out for you. We might be able to add it easily. I'll get back to you!


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