How to pay expenses to an employee

When logging expenses, they are marked as paid by the employee.
How do we record that the company has re-imbursed the employee or How to pay expenses to an employee ?

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john_bullet Staff March 3, 2014

Hi Harry!
Create a payslip for the employee, and fill in the amount of expenses they are being reimbursed (you can set the standard wage to 0 if you are only reimbursing expenses).  Note that we will auto fill the expenses field with what is currently owed to the employee.

  1. HacksawHarry March 8, 2014
    Just tried this and entered '0' in net pay.
    Getting an error:"take-home amount lower than expenses" which won't allow me to process the expenses on their own.
  2. HacksawHarry March 12, 2014
    Hi guys,

    Any update on this issue?
  3. john_bullet March 12, 2014
    Hi Harry,

    Use Gross Wage when entering only expenses - the Net Wage is used for something different.

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