Is it possible to reconcile imported Bank Account entries with manual journal entries?

I don’t see manual journal entries in the table of Bullet entries

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Peter Connor Staff July 22, 2015

Hi Darren, 
The journal entries are in the Accountant & Reports tab at the top nav.
You’ll need to import the bank statement firsts.
Hope that helps.

  1. Darren July 22, 2015
    Hi Pete. Yep, I understand that, but my manual entries don't appear as items I can reconcile even when I've imported the statement. The only options bullet shows are those items automated through bullet.
  2. Peter Connor July 22, 2015
    Ah, ok. I've passed your Q to Johnny he'll have a better idea.

    He'll come back to you later.

john_bullet Staff July 23, 2015

Hi Darren,
You can only reconcile a manual journal entry if a bank account is references in the entry – in either a debit or credit.  If you select ‘Bank’ as the account, you’ll be asked to select which bank account you are debiting/crediting.  If you do this, then this journal entry should show up in the list of unreconciled entries when you are reconciling the bank account you used in the entry.

  1. Darren July 24, 2015
    I see the entry - thanks John

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