Just a suggestion – under add a bill/expense under the category headings that one could create their own in future as none of the headings would be appropiate for all entries

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Peter Connor Staff February 3, 2015

You’re quite correct. Those categories are your chart of accounts. We use them to build your tax returns. Some we can’t change and some we can.
I think what you’re looking for is a way to create your own categories but not affect your chart of accounts. 

We take all our customer feedback and review it each week. I’ll add this into the list. 

Thanks again for taking the time to post this. Welcome to the community. 

  1. Hi Pete,

    Exactly, would be great if you could create your own category. I appreciate your reply and that you've atken it on board.

    Many Thanks
  2. Peter Connor February 3, 2015

    Cool. We'll be adding grouping to the invoices soon.


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