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Peter Connor Staff October 10, 2015

Just v1. Other changes coming soon. P

  1. Cheers Pete. I've been noting little things as I seem them and after the other changes come through we might drop you some feedback then.
  2. While I have you, this is our main UX gripe - in the Invoice Overview view - if I want to grab a cheeky d/l of an invoice PDF I get hit by the Paywall... to actually get a PDF d/l I have 3 more clicks (Invoice > Client View / Download PDF). Any plans to tweak that?
  3. Peter Connor October 10, 2015
    Hi G. I'll have a look at this now. Give me 10.
  4. Peter Connor October 10, 2015
    Hi Graham,
    I was coming from a meeting so just wanted to have a proper look.
    What do you mean by d/I of an invoice?
  5. Sorry Pete, d/l means 'download'
  6. Peter Connor October 10, 2015
    Ah, cool. Yep that will download.
    If you've paid you should be able to d/l it from there. Let me check your account.
  7. Peter Connor October 10, 2015
    Ah, sorry I just misread your msg. It's indeed a premium service. We'll be reviewing the invoicing app as we roll out the new versions of the invoices.
    The apps will clash with the new onboarding and visa versa. It's also not a very popular app, so we'll look to change it.
    If you add the premium invoicing app now I'll give you 60 days credit if you like.


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