Not receiving Invoices/Stmts that I'm copied on?

Hi Guys, 
Ever since the update during the week any invoices or statements that we post to clients are not being sent to my email address, even though I’m marked as being copied. Has this been reported elsewhere or any idea why this might be happening all of a sudden?
It renders the process completely useless as I don’t know if the invoices or statements are  being sent or not.

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Peter Connor Staff October 31, 2015

You know you can click on the (?) in the dashboard and get instant help.
Sounds like your email client is putting them into spam or something. We send about 90,000 items from Bullet a month and you’re the only one having an issue 
Click on (?) in the dashboard and let me know your email so we can investigate. 
You also get read receipts when invoices get sent (that should be in your inbox too) and you can also click on the invoice and then click on comments you’ll if the invoice has being sent or viewed. 


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