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Peter Connor Staff November 14, 2015

Hi. Pete here.
There is magic bottom to move products. I’m afraid that’s with all products.
But you can just start using Bullet, you can creat opening balances when creating your bank account and just add in your outstanding invoices. That’s it.
We’re here if you’ve any questions.
Does that help.

  1. Awww - I do love magic buttons grinning. No problem - I'll test it out to see if it suits better than Sage - thanks for letting me know!
  2. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    Cool. I think it will. Sage is our biggest driver of signups.
    Remember unlike Sage. With bullet you don't need to load all your info in. Just when we ask for it.
    So it's all pretty easy.
  3. Yup - am liking that so far - stage payments are what are driving me over the edge with sage - you can't delete payments or undo anything and it is hard to account for stage payments as it is so rigid!
  4. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    Cool well you can do all of that.
    You can also delete anything. The only time we'll stop you is if it's past a tax period. But you can still make the changes.

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