Note for the client with Accounting API

Hi all,

first of all I have to say I found very easy and intuitive working with your Accounting APIs.
I was doing some tests with the APIs and I haven’t found a way to add a note for the customer when I create a new invoice.
Also I’ve checked that if I query APIs for an invoice that has a customer note, the note is not displayed in the response.
Is it there any way to do it? Or, if not yet, is it planned for the future?
Thanks and regards,

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Louise Miller Staff September 2, 2014

Hi Emilio,
First off, thanks for your feedback on the API.
Unfortunately adding a client note to an invoice is not supported in our API at the moment. Our API is still in its early stages and we decided to focus on providing the core features initially. 
We’ll add your suggestion to the list though, If you have any other thoughts/feedback regarding the API, please feel free to let us know

  1. Thanks Louise for your answer.
    I'll look towards for it.


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