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I had a look at the online payroll software of your system, although I could not download a trial I did read through the FAQ and got the information I required.  One of my clients uses your software for accounting purposes but they would like to start using the payroll module also but before they sign up I would like to know the following :
1.  Can an additional user be set up and at what cost ?  (ie : for me to dial in remotely to process the monthly payroll)
2.  Are the payroll journals automatically posted to the accounts module (accounts / payroll integrated) ?
3.  Cost per month for 9 employees is €31 (€4 base and €3 per employee) – is that correct ?
  1. joefink May 8, 2015
    How do I use Payroll? I've not found any link for it on my account or a place to buy it. I searched the forums but all the screen shots I found show Payroll as an option under Employees but I don't have that option in my dashboard.

    I want to track and send payroll to employees. What do I need to do that?
  2. Peter Connor May 8, 2015
    Hi Joe,

    Hmm, can you email me (peter at your account details (email address) and I'll have a look. You can run payroll from both sole trader and limited company.

    Shoot me those details and I'll have a look for you.


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Peter Connor Staff July 21, 2014

Hi Louise,
Thanks for checking out Bullet. My name is Pete and I’m a co-founder, I’ll answer your questions below. 
Our product lives online only so there is are no downloads bar our receipts app for the iPhone. If you’re interested in checking out Bullet simply sign up for a free account and you’ll have 100% access to all aspects of the product. 
1) Multi User Access
Yep, you add hundreds of users to Bullet and with different access rights. We charge a flat fee of €4.99pm for multi user to be activated. There is no cap on the number of users you can have, and the fee is just a flat €4.99pm.
We manage all the signup process and email invoices. 
Here is a little animation to show you how easy it is to add a user. 
Adding Multi User in Bullets Free Online Payroll Software
2) Payroll & Accounts Integration 
Yes, Bullet Accounts and Payroll are fully integrated. For example if you mark a Bill as been paid by a employees personal account, we’ll process that payment as an employee expense in their payroll run, we do the same with Mileage and Subsistence. 
Our payroll product is a full solution as our accounting product is a full double entry product. With payroll you can create payslips, import p2c files, we auto generate all the p30’s, p35ls, p60, p45, employee and employer payments as well as manual additions and deductions. We also have full payroll reports.

So there is a deep integration between the two, they were built as one product. 
3) Cost for 9 Employees
€31pm is the correct fee for 9 employees on payroll (€4 base and €3 per employee), the invoicing, receipt tracking app, and accounts products are free. You can work out our pricing, on our pricing page. Your 10th plus employee is only €1 per month. 
Hope that helps Louise, any other questions shoot them over. 


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