Payroll and Accounts Integration

I have one  question In relation to Payroll and Accounts Integration, when the monthly payroll is processed and we produce a payroll summary report, are these journals automatically updated in your accounts module or do we need to manually process these journals ?
Example of monthly journal :
  • Credit – Payroll Control Account    €1,000
  • Debit – Employee Wages   €1,000
  • Credit – PAYE/PRSI Control Account   €200
  • Debit – Payroll Control Account €200
  • Credit – PAYE /PRSI Control Account  €100
  • Debit –  Employers PRSI   €100
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Peter Connor Staff July 21, 2014

Hi Denise, 
No problem, always happy to help support is our primary goal, so sorry for the delay.

We do post payroll to the chart of accounts. – however our accounts are a little different from your example

We don’t have a separate account for Employers PRSI, e.g look at this 

Payroll and Accounts Integration

Payroll Tax Payables = Total tax paid by employee
Pension = Employee + Employer pension
Wages Payable = Is the netpay to the employee
Wages = Is the gross pay 

Hope that helps 



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