PDF Format For Free Online Invoice Templates?

Q: PDF Format For Free Online Invoice Templates?

Hi lads and happy New Years. I’ve made 2 invoices since back in 2015 and both are no longer attaching the invoice in PDF format to the mail but rather use a button to direct clients on an online format of the PDF.
Has something changed to cause this or is this a setting on my side? I have no altered anything and have reviewed email setting which look okay.
Can this be reverted?

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Peter Connor Staff January 6, 2015

Happy new year to you too!
We’ve done a big upgrade on our invoicing tool to bring it in line with the industry standard. By bringing invoices online we can also do much more smarter functions that we couldn’t do in a flat invoice. Things like online payments, dynamic payments etc, up selling all of which are designed to help you get paid faster.
We’ll be pushing out a mail explain all of the changes this week. 
You can still access the pdf, if you click on the link to the invoices you’ll see on the top right of the invoice the option to print or download as pdf. 
Hope that helps.


  1. Fridayluck January 6, 2015
    Hi Pete, thanks for your response. I've also dropped you a direct mail re the new on-line invoice view and how the bullethq link and company number are clashing over bank details on the document, leaving a distorted view. I'm aware that this isn't the case once you download the actual pdf, but it's worth pointing out all the same.
    Regarding the original query. Preference would be with the local pdf file method. I guess we will have to see what (if any) client feedbank comes from it. Thanks.
  2. Peter Connor January 6, 2015
    Ah Cormac,

    Sorry I didn't get the name and FridayLuck. I came back to you on that direct mail. Making big changes like this esp around clients is never easy Cormac.

    We've worked hard to reduce an errors, so we'll get this one fixed asap.

    Bigger benefits to come now that the invoices are online. Going from pdf to html, is like going from a sheet of paper to html. There is so much more we can do for you guys now that we're online.

    I'll come back to you on the pdf invoicing asap.


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