Seperate Rent and Sales on P&L Account

Seperate Rent and Sales on P&L Account – Free Online Small Business Accounting Software Questions & Answers

I am a sole trader with retail business and income from some rental properties.

On the P&L report, all income is lumped in as sales. When recording Rent, I have a line items called rent, a category called Rent and a separate chart of accounts created called Rent.

Is there any way to separate this on the P&L report to quickly see the income separated by sales and rent.

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Peter Connor Staff May 20, 2015

Hi Richie,
We just got asked that yesterday from a guy who does the accounts for a church!
So at the moment there isn’t a way to do it at the P&L level. 
But, you can add a reference onto those invoices, export to csv and sort see here. The other way is to create a client name called Rent and sort that way. But, not at the P&L level yet.
Hope that helps R.

richie May 20, 2015

I somehow managed to do it… except its in the opposite way as needed. 

I purchase a workshop and entered it as a work shop category,  then shows up in the P&L yearly view. Or is this a bug?

  1. Peter Connor May 20, 2015
    No bug, if you've done a journal entry you've just done it the wrong way around. Remember for every debit there is a credit and visa versa.

    Just switch it, delete till it's right. :) Designed for play
  2. richie May 20, 2015
    No worries, I will have a play around with it.

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