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As a Management Accountant I need as much up-to-the-minute flexibility as you can give me! 🙂 I’d like to be able to ‘get under the hood’ as it were and make changes that users would not normally make. For example I’d like to change the coding of several transactions at a time, or change one field in all my product masters at one time or change VAT codes etc.
I’ve only just just joined Bullet – I love the simplicity it offers.

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Peter Connor Staff February 20, 2015

Hi Peter,
That’s great you find it simple. We’re a full double entry multi currency (to the bank account) accounting and integrated payroll product (Payroll Ireland Only).
Our USP is we wrapped the accounting logic around the most common tasks in accounting. So you don’t get based basic questions, but know it’s all being managed in the accounts correctly. 
We do allow you to create journal entries, and out management reports are live and click able so you can drill down. 
You can create chart of accounts, but we use a lot of them for automation so we have the ones there locked. You’ll find the under the hood stuff in “My Company”, on the top right.
Our international product allows you to create your own tax rates etc but the Irish product is locked to stop basic users making mistakes. 
We had looked a creating an accountant’s view Ledgers etc but sadly a lot of traditional accountants see Bullet automation as a competitor (we automate all the tax returns), instead of a tool that simplifies the crap work so you can focus on management accounting, the good stuff. 
If you want to have a look at the product, and send me a list of questions to peter at I can get my co-founder to answer them for you. 
PS nice version of Danny Boy.


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