Sole Trader Questions With Free Online Invoices?

Q: Sole Trader Questions With Free Online Invoices?

1. I am a sole trader and hence do not have a company number. Yes it gives an error when you leave it blank.

2. When are you bringing invoice customization online? Some of the headings do not apple to me ( e.g. unit) and I also have the option to be paid by cheque, not just credit transfer.

3. Also, is there a way to remove the bullet branding on the bottom of invoices? It does not look very professional.

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Peter Connor Staff February 18, 2014

Hi Will,

  1. Just pop in a zero, we’re fixing that bug
  2. They’re coming in the next month. You can edit line items, so click on invoices, and then you’ll see line items you can create anything you want, or setup defaults like a 2 days shoot etc.
  3. The invoicing is all going through a big revamp so we’ll be releasing invoicing 3 with all the changes together.

Hope that helps Will, have a good weekend.

  1. Cheers. Perhaps a suggestion would be to hide the "Company Number" text if someone puts in a "0" for now. But if you have a new system coming next month then its not worth changing too much code.

    Have a good weekend your self,
  2. Peter Connor February 18, 2014
    That's a good idea. Our invoices are revenue compliant so there is some stuff you have to put on your invoice, we forgot about sole traders not having a company number.
  3. Peter Connor February 18, 2014
    Point 1 will be rectified in a software update over the weekend
    On 2. You can configure an invoice line item to display or not display the unit price and quantity. On the billing, if you go into the company details, you can select "None" as the invoice bank account, and then no bank account details will be displayed on the invoice. You can add a note to the invoice specifying how you would like to be paid. More robust invoice customization options will be released at the end of march

    On 3. There's no way to remove it at present - we use it as a tiny advert to promote the product!
    I hope this addresses your questions Will
  4. I understand about the advertising aspect, specially for a free product. However I also don't mind paying for a product of service if it does the job it gives me what I need.... if that makes sense. So if there was a monthly fee to be paid for a "premium" account or something along those lines, with extra options, that may be an idea for you.

    For example. You could allow people to have one invoice template on a free basis and have a paid version for people who may trade under different names and want to be able to issue invoices with different logos. In my case, I have two separate photographs businesses, a sports and a studio business which I keep separate.

    If there was plenty of features, people would not mind paying a base fee I would think, I know I would.
  5. Peter Connor February 18, 2014
    Great points we're pretty much following that line.

    Thanks for the comments.

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