Sole trader with unpaid secretary

Hi guys
Set up Bullet for our company which is sole trader at the moment, in my husband’s name.  I am unpaid secretary for the business and am in charge of all banking/accounting etc.  We will be changing to Limited company in the summer.  I have set up Bullet for the business and see that I am listed as an employee, not sure I remember setting that up, but however – can I remove myself as an employee even though I am the administrator?  Do I need to set up the Bullet admin under my husband’s name?  I have not listed him anywhere – am thinking it might be better to open a new account under his details only?
many thanks

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Peter Connor Staff April 14, 2015

Hi Ailbhe,
So there are a couple of ways you can be in Bullet they’re all separate.
– You can be added a user (using the multi user app) this is used for admin’s, accountants, or staff who want to just generate invoices but can’t access anything else. 
– Employees, there people you pay.
– As a sole trader your husband is the company. 
What you can do
– You can add yourself via multi user mode as a user of the product, like Admin
– You can add yourself as an employee of the product.
– You can be both. 
Hope that makes sense, let me know.


  1. thepalv April 14, 2015
    Thanks Peter, that's great. I'll have a play around with it tomorrow.

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