UK Vat Reverse Charge E2 – Intra EU Acquisitions of Goods

Report: UK Vat Reverse Charge E2 – Intra EU Acquisitions of Goods

Hi There,
I have a few UK & EU suppliers who charge me no VAT as i have furnished them with my VAT number, this is then taken into account when line, E2 – Intra EU acquisitions of goods is filled in on the VAT3 return.
Does Bullet allow for this when generating a Vat3 return ?

  1. Peter Connor August 28, 2014
    Hi Denis,

    I'm going to investigate this for you and come back to you on it. My initial thinking is we don't include it in the automated Vat3 Return.

    Let me double check.

  2. Guys

    I would also like to have this functionality to account for goods and services supplied or purchased from EU countries on the reverse VAT charge basis
  3. Peter Connor October 22, 2014

    We never get asked for it, hence why it's not automated.

    We've had some questions on is so let me find out where and I'll update this post.

    Thanks again.

  4. bgarvanman March 1, 2015
    Hi Guys any news on this, I have a growing list of UK/EU suppliers who dont charge me vat as I have sent the my vat number?

  5. Peter Connor March 2, 2015
    Hi Dennis,

    That will still need to be done manually. We're looking at a better solution, as the demand grows.


  6. bgarvanman March 2, 2015
    Cheers Peter,


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