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We get our accountant to file our VAT3 retruns every 2 months. The figure they generate Vs. the figure that BulletHQ is usually completely different! I want to Mark my little smileyface notifications as paid, however the amount Bullet is telling me that was paid for a VAT period doesn’t equal what was actually paid! what do I do here? can this be edited or can I just remove/hide these notifications?
cheers lads

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Peter Connor Staff October 31, 2015

If the figures don’t match then we’re not getting the same data. Bullets a 100% on VAT return calc’s. You need to get that sorted because you’ll be defrauding the VAT man. I’m not saying your accountant is doing it wrong, but Bullet is heavily tested doing 1000’s of returns a month. 
They way you check the number is Bullet (or an accounts product) matches your bank account 100%. You can import the bank statement and anything it doesn’t’ find you can create it in Bullet, we’ll copy all the data over.
If you’ve paid the vat outside of Bullet you can just click Tax > Then the Return > On the right you’ll see a button “mark as paid”.
But, all your management reports will be out, as Bullet will think that’s the amount. 
Good thinking to get that working in Bullet. 


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