When do you plan to support recurring visa/mastercard/paypal payments?

I use a different billing application that starts with Wa… and I am looking for a billing/invoicing solution that has recurring payments feature. Where the customer accepts invoice, and accepts the recurring charging and types his details.
This is just to minimize all the efforts with billing so customer can request to cancel anytime.
Please email me when you have this available. Thank you.

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Peter Connor Staff January 10, 2017

If you’re a customer of Bullet just click the (?) in the dashboard for instant free support. If you’re not getting instant support window you need to turn on JavaScript in your browser. 
Although we provide recurring invoices, that’s different to recurring billing that you’d see for software. 
I had a similar question last week this might help you. 
You use Bullet for your accounts. 
You use Bullet to send individual recurring invoices.
You use Stripe to connect to the credit card services operator 
Bullet has built its own billing engine 

  • that billing engine manages the subscriptions. 
  • that billing engine tells stripe what and who to charge.

Bullet does this. 

  • We use a billing engine to charge the customer. 
  • We use Stripe to debit the cards 
  • Stripe then transfers money to our bank account say 500 euro every 3 days.
  • We run a bank rec and import our bank transactions, that imports say 40 Stripe transfers
  • We let bullet say “can’t find an invoice for 500 would you like to create one’,
  • We just have a client in Bullet called Web Customers and create an invoice every 3 days for that customer. 

That’s it! 
Here is an art I found on billing engines comparison this are all the basic ones.
Here is some info on Stripe Recurring billing engine, so maybe you can just use this if your billing is simple. 
Hope that helps 


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