When We Create A New Client, Does The Business Accounting Online Create A Unique Customer Reference Number?

When We Create A New Client, Does The The Business Accounting Online Create A Unique Customer Reference Number? that’s static/unchanged for the life of the client, and which is separate from the invoice reference number and the invoice reference field?

What we want to do is pass this unique Bullit client ID in the export of invoice data from Bullet into our own system to populate a fixed field Invoice Look-Up in our system (i.e.for our customers to see what we’ve charged them).
Or is there an open API that customers can directly look up their information on the Bullet site (again, i.e what we’ve charged them?)
Thanks in advance

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Louise Miller Staff December 4, 2014

Hi David,
No, there is not a unique generated reference number for clients – but the client name itself must be unique.
We do have an API – details of which is here : 
https://www.bullethq.com/api/api-ireland/v1/ for our Irish product
https://www.bullethq.com/api/api/v1/ for our international product
Its quite basic at the moment but we have plans on improving it. If there are specific api calls you require, let us know and we’ll add it to the list of suggestions.

  1. Thanks Louise.

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