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Hi Pete,
I’m having some problems doing a bank rec. I have created bank transfers to cover our credit card bills and have successfully reconciled these as part of my credit card reconciliation. However when I run a bank rec, the transfers don’t appear as Items in Bullet that I reconcile.
Am I doing something wrong?

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Peter Connor Staff March 3, 2015

Paying a CC isn’t like paying a bill although it looks like that.
You need to reconcile the items in the credit card. You transfer money into the credit card to pay for it. The import your CC statement and reconcile them.
That make sense, or am I missing something

  1. LynneFA March 3, 2015
    Hi Pete,

    I understand what you mean. I think it asked me to reconcile the transfers because the statement that I uploaded showed the bill being paid, so it appeared as an item in the reconciliation. (I hope that makes sense) Should I just ignore these in future reconciliations?
  2. Peter Connor March 4, 2015
    Hi Lynne,

    Let me follow this up. Looks like everything is right.

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