Can a bill be partially recorded as an expense?

I work from a home office for the business.. Electricity bills come in in my personal name.

In line with Revenue’s allowable expenses, I would like to apportion part of the electricity bill between company and personal use.

In Bullet, would you account for this by creating a bill with an amount less than stated on the bill itself (for the amount that our company will owe)?

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john_bullet Staff February 26, 2014

Hi Eoin,
Sure.  As you’ve suggested, when creating the bill just enter in the amount of the bill that is payable by the company.  If the bill has lines with different VAT rates on them, try and duplicate this in the bill you create.
For example, if a bill has 1 line at 23% VAT, and another at 13.5% VAT, then in the bill you create for the company make sure you have both these lines as well, and change the unit price to be the amounts payable by the company.


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