Can I add line items to an invoice, save it and come back later to finish?

Can I add line items to an invoice, save it and come back later to finish?

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Peter Connor Staff October 10, 2015

Hi, Sure you can still edit, copy and do as you like. 
You can create estimates convert them to invoices, you can edit invoice once sent you can do credit notes. 
With line items if you’re creating lots of them over and over again, you can save the line items and just create them on the fly. 

  1. ah brilliant. One last question, I'm not VAT registered and won't be for a year but is it possible to create line items with different VAT rates? E.g. product might be 23%, service may 13.5%. Or is better to create 2 separate invoices?
  2. Peter Connor October 10, 2015
    You can only issue VAT invoices if you're VAT registered I'm afraid. If you charge for VAT and your not VAT registered you might be done for VAT fraud.
  3. Sorry, I think I wasn't clear. My question is about the invoice functionality when I am registered in a years' time. I don't want to start out with Bullet, register for VAT in a year then find out I have to move platforms so I am doing an assessment between a few platforms at the moment. I of course won't be charging for VAT for the first year but when I do register..
  4. Peter Connor October 10, 2015
    So with Bullet you can right now not charge for VAT, then when you're VAT registered we can set you up on this exact account for VAT. Same account just with VAT.
    If you were a sole trader account and moved to limited company, we'd have to give you a new account. But, that's cause the accounting is verrry different.
    Note, we completely automate your VAT returns in Bullet. It's part of our 100% free product offering. You simple track your bills, and add the vat to your invoice then when it's return time we'll create the return and you just post it to ROS.
    Does that help?
  5. Brilliant but doesn't quite answer what I am looking for. Let's say in a year I register for VAT, I then have my bullet account updated to reflect same. I will need to charge 2 different VAT rates depending on what I sell, 23% on my products and 13.5% on my services. Can Bullet handle that?
  6. Peter Connor October 10, 2015
    Ah sorry, yep the VAT rates are hard coded into Bullet so they'll change with the budget. But, you can change them per line item.
  7. perfect, that's exactly what I was after! Cheers for the help :)
  8. Peter Connor October 10, 2015
    No problem - welcome to the community.
  9. thanks, looking forward to using Bullet!
  10. Peter Connor October 10, 2015
    Hey that makes two of us. I think this the start of something special Alex.

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