HI there, how do I remove VAT details 1234567 etc. from my invoice?

HI there, how do I remove VAT details 1234567 etc. from my invoice?

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Peter Connor Staff December 3, 2016

Hi, if you are charging VAT, you must include your VAT details.
If Bullet is putting in a VAT number then you are registered for VAT on Bullet.
You can update your VAT details in settings by clicking the cog and then company information.
Thanks, Pete

  1. I am not registered for VAT, this is why I ask! It is not necessary for me (as of yet!)
    Thanks Peter.
  2. Peter Connor December 3, 2016
    Ok well you've selected VAT registered when signing up to Bullet.
    You'll need to signup again to Bullet and select non vat registered.
    Thanks. Pete.
  3. Ah! I see. Gawd. Sorry for draining your precious time with such inane queries! I'm obviously significantly 'compromised' in the grand arena of Accounting! THANK You.
  4. Peter Connor December 3, 2016
    Well that's why Bullets telling you your vat registered. The software has all the accounting rules built into it.
    We're here live to catch everything else. Better then hours of searching.

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