Can I Use Bullet For Receipt App, Mileage App, Income and Expenses?


I’ve been using basic Google Excel sheets to manage my accounts for the last few years (one for income / expenses, and another for mileage), with a few basic formulas, along with Google Drive to store my receipts etc.

It all works fine but it is not very mobile friendly and i’d also like one system to manage all of the following:

– Income / expenses
– Receipt App / capture (store receipt next to each business expense)
– Mileage (ability to input mileage from business meetings)

Will Bullet handle all of the above in one app? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Peter Connor Staff November 27, 2014

Hi Mark,
Sure Bullet eats that stuff. Here is a quick video on our app for mileage and expenses, you can also do this in web app.
We work on computer and mobile device (but tablet is probably as small as it should go – accounts etc).
We’ll also be bringing out a feature that will suck your Google meetings straight into your accounts mileage tracker.   
Any other questions let me know Mark.

mark November 27, 2014

Thanks, just a few other questions:
01 – i see that the app is free (so do i ever pay anything to Bullet (i.e – what are the hidden costs)
02 – if i issue an invoice to a client, what payment options can they use (paypal, stripe etc)
03 – is there a backup / export system so that i can back all of the data up offline

  1. Peter Connor November 27, 2014
    Hi Mark,

    Sure, no problem.

    1 - Bullet's core (as you see it) app is 100% free, we charge for premium features like, multi user mode. We'll also be introducing at app store which will have added features for sale.

    2 - We're currently finishing off our online invoicing rebuild, to allow exactly that. We'll probably start with Stripe (which we use), but we're partnering with a new online bank called Realex Fire. They'll allow payments but at a fee like 20c per transaction not 2.4% + 24c.

    Currently with the average invoice in Bullet at about E1,400 giving you a saving of E33.64 on every invoice.

    3 - Yep, if you go to My Company, you can export all your data, you can also do that from every section.



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