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Peter Connor Staff February 18, 2014

What kind of account are you looking for, general accountant (help with payroll etc) 500-2k, management account 2k plus (more strategic)?

  1. God I'm so green... what's the reference to 500-2k, 2k+?
  2. Peter Connor February 18, 2014
    That's no problem, let me explain.

    So accountants are like doctors, some specialise in different aspects of accounts. Like with medicine you can have Doctor's who are GP's but you wouldn't use them for brain surgery.

    You have the same in accounts, a general accountant you have is good for general advice you'll usually call them over payroll questions or advice on how to handle some kind of purchase, they usually cost about 500 quid to 2k a year and you wont talk to them that much.

    Then you have management accountants, they're more strategic, although can do all the general stuff too, but they'll give you advice on how your business is running and what you should do they usually cost about 2.5k plus a year.

    So tell me what you'd like the accountant to do and I'll give you some advice on what direction to go?
  3. Thanks for clearing that up. So it now depends on how much funding we get. If it's 50k, we'll have a 6 month runway and will best benefit from a general accountant. If we get closer to the 250k we'd like, we'll be requiring a much more strategic contractor. In any case, I'll know where we stand by Christmas, at which stage we should discuss this further. Thanks so much for your help again.
  4. Peter Connor February 18, 2014
    No problem, let me know.

  5. So after a bit of to and throwing with Bill and then Dub BIC, it seems like I am missing forecasts, a high level profit and loss statement and some other proper financial docs that would demonstrate our 'invest-ability'. Are you in touch with anyone who could work with us and our small amount of data so far to produce said documents? I'd be looking to get them done to a presentable stage asap, and have a small budget available.
    My research (google) has led me to a number of automated excel documents, but accounts and forecasts are not my specialty.
    A person who has had a hand in producing similar documents for startups seeking early investment from angels or funds would be perfect.

  6. Peter Connor February 18, 2014
    http://www.denisbreen.ie/ - He's got an office in Waterford which might be handy for you, although he's a Xero reseller we think he's about 1-132 years ahead of most accountants, but he might be expensive. Give him a call.


    http://clintonflynn.ie/ Ronan Clinton, he's also based in Waterford (seems to be the place to be. He'd be similar to Denis.


    You could contact elaine@webcontent.ie of Webcontent.ie she's based in Wexford and would have a lot of connections in the small biz circules down there. So I'm sure could hook you up.

    Does that help?
  7. Brilliant. Thanks again for all your help.

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