Hey guys, how do I manually amend the VAT 3 returns?

Hey guys, how do I manually amend the VAT3 returns? E.g. my accountant has calculated a different amount that he paid via ROS. Thanks in advance.

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Peter Connor Staff February 18, 2014

Hi Conor, 
Can I ask why there was a different amount (it helps us to understand if there’s something from the system)? The system is built to try and stop you paying different amounts than what’s owed, since for most people revenue take a very dim view of that. 

You can mark the vat return as paid, and you’ll need to enter a manual journal entry to account for the different (under My Company > Journal Entries). 

  1. I had some pre-startup expenses which he used to get me a refund from Revenue. I suppose I could add them in - would Bullet calculate the refund amount?
    BTW, this is an absolutely awesome offering. It's replaced my patchy Excel workbook and I look forward to freeing up my accountant to giving me financial advice.
    Can't wait for the Android app.
  2. Peter Connor February 18, 2014
    Yes, if you enter the expenses, Bullet will calculate the refund - if it's not agreeing with what the accountant is saying then come back to us and we'll investigate.

    Thanks for the kind words! We'll be introducing lots of new features over the next few months, so we'll keep you up to date :)

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