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Hi there,
As a director of a Ltd. company, I have built up unpaid expenses over the last two years. I would like to take repayment of say 10% of these expenses. I can see the total due to me in the expense report (under Employees). But I don’t see a button to say make a payment again those.
So say I have 2,000 outstanding expenses, and want to get 200 repaid, I can locate expense that total that amount. And then what do I do?

Sorry for the confusion!
Thanks, Vanessa

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Peter Connor Staff May 19, 2015

Hi V,
Simple answer.
When you go to pay yourself expenses and say there is 2,000 there and you only want to be repaid 300. Simply delete the 2,000 and change it to 300. 
Bullet will carry the remaining 1,700 over to the next payroll run, like magic. That’s it.

  1. listonv May 19, 2015
    Ooo that's easy! Great I'll try that :) Thanks very much.
  2. Peter Connor May 19, 2015
    Ha :)

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