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As I understand client entertainment expenses such as inviting a client for dinner is a business expense in Ireland but not a tax expense. So the 

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Jan September 1, 2016

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… So the company has to pay corporation tax on the expense at the end of the year.
How do I put that in Bullet? I entered the bill as a General Expense without VAT. Then added a manual Journal entry from ‘General Expense’ to ‘Other Revenue’. Is that correct or is there a better way?
Thanks for your help and your great service!

  1. Hi, I would still be glad about an answer :)
  2. Did you ever get an answer on this?
    I'm also wondering how it should be done.
  3. Hi
    I am also curious about this. An answer would be much appreciated.
  4. Paschal March 27, 2019
    Here is what I did:

    In "Accountant and Report Tools" click "Chart of Accounts". Click "Create New Account" and create an account of type Expense called Entertainment.

    Any client entertainment expenses you have should be billed with the Category drop down set to Entertainment. My accountant seemed to able to work with this when doing year end.
  5. Mariana Yarosh September 24, 2019

    Thanks a lot, guys for taking a part in this communication.

    We do not have a separate option for this in Bullet nut the last suggestion form Paschal will work for entertainment expenses. Thank you Paschal, you're the best:)


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