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Peter Connor Staff November 14, 2015

Hi Neasa,
What kind of statements would you like to create, like Client Statements?

  1. Hi Pete.. yes. I've just started trading and there's a couple of stores in the chain. I've to invoice them separately but I've been asked for a monthly statement for the HQ store only, I made two deliveries to them this month
  2. I know this company will pay on time each month but separate to invoices they want statements indicating all deliveries in one list, just amount of product and cost
  3. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    So there are a couple of things you can do the easiest is probably just to create a new client for each:
    Pennys HQ
    Pennys Henry Street
    Pennys Lane
    Then you can see them easily on the invoice overview page, sort them easily, search for them. It also means when you click on Pennys HQ, you can export/view a client statement, overdue statement for each of the stores.
    Does that make sense?
  4. It does! I think I just need to start exploring Bullet and figure out what I can and can't do
  5. A bit of trial and error - thanks!
  6. Peter Connor November 14, 2015
    Well that will work for everything. It's the simplist way to do it and means you want have to create any customer reports.
    So if you've to invoice HQ just create an invoice for HQ.
    If you've to run a report on all invoices for HQ just click HQ, then Customer Statement and email.
    If you've to run a report on all outstanding invoices for HQ just click HQ, then Outstanding Customer Statement and email.
    Bingo all done.
  7. Brilliant!

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