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Peter Connor Staff May 29, 2016

You should see the Vat drop down on each line item?
For you can’t then you setup an account not registered for Vat.
Let me know and I’ll tell you the next step

  1. bazdalym May 29, 2016
    I don't see any VAT drop down
  2. bazdalym May 29, 2016
    what's the next step?
  3. Peter Connor May 29, 2016
    Ok so you setup a non vat account. When you come back with the following information we'll run the migration - we usually do it at night.
    We can register you for VAT on Bullet. Please provide the following.
    1) You VAT number.
    2) The date the government registered you for VAT.
    3) Your company name.
    4) The email you use to manage that company in Bullet.
  4. bazdalym May 29, 2016
    ok no probs it'll be a while before I do this thanks.
  5. Peter Connor May 29, 2016

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