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Peter Connor Staff January 28, 2016

Lucky you.

  1. Peter Connor January 28, 2016
    Congrats on the launch.
  2. Just checking, for invoicing, do you guys have a stripe plugin? Ideally when a Mustard payment goes through, it would be awesome to automatically generate a bullet invoice. Is this possible
  3. Thank you
  4. Peter Connor January 28, 2016
    Hi Gav,
    Sure we've Stripe and Paypal integrated. It's part of our advanced invoicing feature.
    You can see Stripe in action here on our online invoices.
    You more talking about sending a "paid invoice", rather then accepting payment via a 'bullet invoice'. We can do both we do about 90k invoices a month and all Adverts.
  5. Happy to pay for that feature of course. Just not sure if you have it
  6. Oh super.
  7. Ill go look
  8. OK great. Yes looking to send a paid invoice rather than issuing one for credit
  9. Great. I'll get that set up this week, looks perfect for what we need, and really good price.
  10. Peter Connor January 28, 2016
    Cool. Good to keep away from the invoicing it leads into other fin-tech issues. Hence why daft outsourced it.
    Don't forget there is a full API there you want to send "worked invoices there", then the freelancers can sync their bank account, automate tax returns etc. You can deliver better and ease any anxiety around joining the workforce.
  11. Peter Connor January 28, 2016
    Here is the Irish API (link to the int there too)
  12. OK. We have stayed away from payments on our site. We charge employers a subscription, rather than a % on what the staff get paid.. So will look in to API when we release our payments feature.. in the mean time. Quick technical q. Do we just write our own web-hooks like on intercom, to grab things like customer name, package price and details etc.
  13. Peter Connor January 28, 2016
    Good thinking. Same with staff, you can push that all to Bullet - it's free for freelancers.
    Yep. If you have any queries on the API let me know and I'll put you in touch with Louise, she wrote it.
  14. super. Thanks Peter. Hope you're keeping well, and apologies we have been slow to use Bullet fully. had to finish the build before we could push sales, and my accountant is using something else. I would prefer Bullet as I can understand it, so from a CEO perspective this is the perfect overview tool. Invoicing add on is the perfect reason to encourage him to adopt it.
  15. take care
  16. Peter Connor January 28, 2016
    Great - well if he's any questions let me know. We're a full multi currency double entry product. So like Xero!
    Good luck Gav. Great news on the launch.

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