Hi all, how can I do cash flow management within the Bullet system?

Hi all, how can I do cash flow management within the Bullet system?

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Peter Connor Staff February 6, 2016

Hi Niall, 
How’s Castlerea on this beautiful Friday evening. 
What exactly do you mean by Cashflow – it’s a big area. Each section gives you a dashboard overview. So with invoices you can see draft, paid, outstanding etc. 
We also have a set of full management reports in the top right under Accountant & Reporting. 

  1. niallglo February 6, 2016
    Hi Peter,
    All is good down this part of the woods.
    Ok, I am looking to accurately project future cash flow so I will have a projected view of what could happen with a late payment etc.
    So for argument sake, if I have a paid for a CRM system last year and I will have to pay for it again this year on the same date, I want to be able to forecast that I will have cash left for this payment through the Bullet system.
    Kind regards,
  2. Peter Connor February 6, 2016
    That's good.
    We don't have any projection reports. We're keen to build them but people are very poor entering their own data correctly so we didn't want to send them a report saying 'the end is now'.
    We had to go and fix the data issue. We're currently doing that for our US clients as the banks in the US allow us to connect directly to them. We're also hoping to do that here in about 8ths when the EU forces the Irish banks to open their data too.
    So we currently don't do any kind of forecasting at the moment.
  3. niallglo February 6, 2016
    Thanks for that Peter,
    Keep up the good work
    Kind regards,

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