Hi, Can I delete a client if that client is no longer with us

Hi, Can I delete a client if that client is no longer with us

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Peter Connor Staff February 6, 2016

You can only delete clients that are not attached to any invoices. You go to the clients sections, click the client and click view client details and click delete.

  1. so if all invoices have been paid, I can delete
  2. Peter Connor February 6, 2016
    You would have to delete those invoices, so that would mess up your accounts / tax returns etc.
  3. we have been using Tas up to now. When we do a print out of debtors, within that print out, there are piles of customers GONE over the years. Yet they still have to appear on the page because we can't delete them. Is there any way around that with Bullet system. Thanks, Eileen
  4. Peter Connor February 6, 2016
    Well if you only starting to use Bullet now, you'd only need to add your current clients. Have a play around with bullet, you can sort clients by how much they owe etc, theres a search also. We do have an export of clients, but that will include all clients.
  5. Peter Connor February 6, 2016
    If theres a particular export/report that you think we should add, let us know and we'll add it our feature list.
  6. ok thanks. We are only starting with Bullet to see how it works for us. I am inputting client details manually. However, just thinking, I have all my parent / student contact details in a google drive excel doc. Is there any way I can import all the data into Bullet. There are over 400 customers so it would be handy if this could be done?
  7. Peter Connor February 6, 2016
    We don’t have an import for clients yet, but as you're creating invoices we automatically add the client to the clients list.
  8. ok thanks
  9. We have 2 logos (Brands) for 2 different organisations. Should I set up a different bullet HQ account for our 2nd organisation - the 2nd brand also has a separate bank account. Or can I do this under the same bullet account but keep both organisations separate within that?
  10. Peter Connor February 6, 2016
    If you click on your company name at the top of the page, you'll see the "Add new company" option.
    This adds a second organisation to your email/user . From an accounting point of view, this company is separate, it wont share invoices/clients/bank accounts
  11. i'm trying this but it won't allow me to click on Castleknock School of Music. When I hover over Accounts & Report Tools and other icons on the right, the colour changes and I can click on these. But CSM remains white - no facility there.
  12. Peter Connor February 6, 2016
    Hmm - I'll take a look at that
  13. thanks
  14. Peter Connor February 6, 2016
    Ah, thinks that a bug - its not showing that option for non - limited companies. We'll fix that tonight, in the meantime you can directly access the link https://accounts-app.bullethq.com/users/addCompany.page
  15. Great thanks.
  16. Some customers don't have an email address. When we do up our invoices, i take it we can press send and send all invoices out at once? For those parents who do not have email addresses, does bullet notify us where invoices were not sent via email so we can print off and post?
  17. Peter Connor February 6, 2016
    You send out invoices individually, so when you create an invoice, you click email and that brings you to the email screen ( note you can create a template for the email text, so you dont have to write an email everytime) - if the client doesnt have an email, it will tell you on the email screen.
  18. Ok! Just getting an overview of clients that I have set up here. I see they are listed in alphabetical order by first name rather than by surname. Can this setting be changed to be listed by surname?
  19. Peter Connor February 6, 2016
    No I'm afraid not, the Client field is just name - we dont split by first name / surname ( since lots of peoples clients are companies ) - so maybe you should add the clients as Smith, John ?
  20. ok thanks. You have been very helpful.
  21. Peter Connor February 6, 2016
    no worries

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