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Peter Connor Staff November 22, 2015

A receipt is just a paid invoice. So just create an invoice and mark it as paid, then send it to the client. Bingo.

  1. pauline S November 22, 2015
    ok...this is stupid time for me...have already sent client invoice and now she wants a receipt on headed paper saying that she paid me....So do I create a new invoice and mark it paid or do I edit the original one??
  2. Peter Connor November 22, 2015
    Ha, that's not a stupid question.
    Well if she paid the invoice then the invoice should be marked as paid. Just print that off and send it to her, or email it to her and she can print it off, or download as a pdf. Here is a video I made for you.
    Receipt is just proof or purchase. If she thinks it's something diff she must be living in Mars, is her name Damien? :)
    Let me know if that makes sense. If she's a little hard to deal with, best is probably to download the pdf and just mail it to her.
  3. pauline S November 22, 2015
    I'm sorted....see the nice big green Paid on the invoice....my god having a total blank moment
  4. Peter Connor November 22, 2015
    That's ok. I gave Santa a nod you're still on the list, although you'll probably get something from fisher price.
  5. pauline S November 22, 2015
    phew....thats good to know...would hate not to be on that list and ..thanks for prompt response
  6. Peter Connor November 22, 2015
    Sure, that's no problem. Hope biz is going well.
  7. pauline S November 22, 2015
    getting there as they say...nearly didn't make 2015 but things are looking up now. So happy. Determined to make it work, Hope all good for Bullet. Really love this system and can say it has helped me get better at managing my accounts.
  8. Peter Connor November 22, 2015
    Great Pauline, Rome wasn't built in a day. Keep learning, Keep changing and make decisions that seem right!

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