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Peter Connor Staff April 10, 2016

Ok, if you’re talking to us you must be in the system?

  1. Peter Connor April 10, 2016
    Explain what's happened?
  2. changed my password
  3. Just on my phone the app to send my receipts
  4. I can't login
  5. Peter Connor April 10, 2016
    So you can't logon via the mobile app?
  6. nope
  7. Peter Connor April 10, 2016
    But you can login to the web app, with your new password (as in you logged out and logged back in)?
  8. Yep I can login as normal on my computer and though the web on my phone
  9. just not into the actual app
  10. Just says Alert Login Failed
  11. Peter Connor April 10, 2016
    So you logged out via the app
    Then tried to login?
  12. I have, and deleted it from my phone, then went back to the app store and downloaded it again
  13. I still get the same message
  14. one sec
  15. Ok so we've being experiencing a bug with Apple since we'd added their new security. It looks like Apple is aware of the bug and is investigating.
    I've raised this issue so we'll keep an eye on it. I can't give you a time for fix, because we don't control apple. But I suspect it should be fixed this week. We'll let you know when it's live.
    Sorry about that but it's kind of out of our hands.
  16. Not at all, thats totally fine, just so I know that it's not on my end here, I'm fine to wait.. thanks for the quick response.
  17. Peter Connor April 10, 2016
    Sure. I've sent Tim Cook a stren mail. I'd say he's working on it now.

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