Recording payment of annual CRO B1 form

Recording payment of annual CRO B1 form – Free Online Small Business Accounting Software Questions & Answers

Filed my B1 online and will now need to pay 20 Euro, how is this recorded in Bullet – Just record it as an Expense?

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Peter Connor Staff January 27, 2015

Sure just record it as an a Standard Bill.

  1. Thanks,
    Might be worth rewording the "Who did you buy it from?" text field, seeing as it's possible to get a bill for something that you didn't buy - i.e. the CRO stuff.

    That's what confused me anyway!

  2. Peter Connor January 27, 2015
    Very true, we create workflows and copy for the 90% of the possible functions to keep the product simple. We provide great support for the rest :)


  3. ah ya fair enough, I will know forever more now anyway, and if anyone else is unsure then there is this answer in the forum for them now!
  4. Peter Connor January 27, 2015
    Bingo! Thanks for helping the community!

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