How can I see a full debtors list and can I print it off?

How can I see a full debtors list and can I print it off?

  1. csmaccounts22 August 14, 2016
    Hi Pete, We are getting on great with Bullet. Have lots of accounts opened and invoices drafted. However, we are having a problem attaching a file. We attach the file with the aid of the app. We attached it from Google Drive. The word doc is attached at the end in a box but when we email, there is no attachment in the invoice email. Regards, Eileen

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Peter Connor Staff August 14, 2016

That’s great. 
Are you trying to send the invoice with an attachment. At the moment the attachments are only for internal use.
Maybe that’s the problem?

  1. csmaccounts22 August 14, 2016
    Oh, so we can't attach a cover letter to our parents / students with the invoice? This would have to be sent as a separate email?
  2. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    Yep. We don't have the permissions setup.
    So that attached file is a technical relationship between Bullet and Google that you've agreed. Allowing 'x' person to see it would be setting up another relationship and everything that comes with it.
    What happens if that doc is only available to staff in your company, how do we manage that workflow if a 3rd party user opens it etc.
    Thanks Pete
  3. csmaccounts22 August 14, 2016
    Ok. Well can we attach a file from Dropbox?
  4. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    No same issues. You'll have to download the invoice and send it.
    Is it a standard file cover letter/
  5. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    If it is generic as in "Dear Parent" there is a work around. You can just copy the url of the file at attach it in the Email part of the invoice does that make sense?
  6. csmaccounts22 August 14, 2016
    The 2 pages would be word doc's. A generic letter to parents and a school calendar for the year: 2 pages. I didn't think a word doc had an url?
  7. csmaccounts22 August 14, 2016
    Oh I think Pat understands. It's not a problem anyway Pete. We can just set up a mailing list for parents and attach the 2 pages that way. Looking forward to using Bullet - it's great. Thanks, Eileen
  8. Peter Connor August 14, 2016
    If you open your google drive you'll see every document has a link. You can just attach that to the invoices in "notes to the clients", advanced settings.

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