How do I import bank statements in csv format?

How do I import bank statements in csv format?

  1. Peter Connor March 10, 2014
    Hi Tom, I answered this question here

    Let me know if you need me to add anything to it.

  2. HacksawHarry February 10, 2015
    Hi Peter,
    I am not allowed to export credit card transactions fro my bank statement. However, I can cut and paste the information.
    I saved this as a csv file and tried to import into Bullet.
    I'm getting the error message "There was a problem with the imported file: Invalid header"
    Is it possible to correct this?
  3. Peter Connor February 10, 2015
    Hi Steve,
    You need to download the excel spreadsheet form Bullet as you probably have.

    Delete columns and 20 rows that surround the data so clear out any crap that's been copied from the website.

    * Don't delete the cells you need to delete the columns and rows.

    Let me know.
  4. HacksawHarry February 26, 2015
    Hi Peter,

    I tried to upload a csv file in the same format as the bank transaction download but I still got the same error. You mention a spreadsheet that can be downloaded - can you clarify how to do this and I'll try again?

    Many thanks,

  5. Peter Connor February 26, 2015
    Hi Steve,

    Sure when you go to
    1) Bank Accounts
    2) Import a Statement
    3) Select the bank you want to import the data from.
    4) When you're on the screen called "Import Statement for 'X Bank'. Click "other", from the drop down called "Which bank account is this data from?".
    5) Then you'll see the link at the bottom "Click here for an example CSV file".
    6) Copy your data into that and upload it. Make sure you clean out any of the empty cells.

    Here is a screenshot


  6. HacksawHarry February 26, 2015
    Thanks Peter,

    I got the sample file, pasted the data under the sample file headings and saved the file.
    I deleted lots of columns and rows near the data.
    I'm still getting the same upload error!

    "Cannot Import File
    There was a problem with the imported file: Invalid header: Expected 'Date, Description, Money Out, Money In'"

    "File '1501ETACCreditCardJan.csv' contained invalid data for bank: OTHER." See error
    message above"
  7. Peter Connor February 27, 2015
    Hi H,

    Ok so there is still some data in the file that's outside of what Bullet needs.

    Just try this:

    1) Delete all the Columns to the right, but select the column from heading eg A, B, C etc not the cells.
    2) Do the same for Rows.

    If that doesn't work mail the file to

  8. HacksawHarry February 27, 2015
    Thanks Peter.
    Seems to have worked!
  9. Peter Connor February 27, 2015
    Great stuff.

    We're going to be using a fantastic service soon that will suck that data in and automatically do your accounts, sadly due to the terrible Irish banks it's only in the US :(


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