How Do You Do Executive Pension Payment In Bullets Online Payroll Software?

Q: How Do You Do Executive Pension Payment In Bullets Online Payroll Software?

How do I record an executive pension payment from my business which should be tax free?

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Peter Connor Staff May 8, 2014

Hi HacksawHarry!
We create workflows with the accounting knowledge built into them for the most common activities. Everything outside of that is done with manual journal entries. If you’re not familiar with manual journal entries we’d advise you get an accountant to assist you, if you don’t have one we can recommend one.
You can invite your accountant using our multi user mode so he/she can have their own access. Simply click My Company > Manage Users > and pop in their email, we’ll handle everything else. You can see a little animation of how simple that is. 
Any other Q’s let me know.


  1. HacksawHarry May 9, 2014
    Thanks Peter,
    I'm delighted with Bullet so far. I've wanted more real-time data on the business performance and this package does that.
    My current accountant and previous one operate a traditional paper-based practice which I find frustrating. I'd be delighted for any recommendations on progressive accountants familiar with the on-line package. (you can drop me a direct mail on this ).
    I should be able to figure out the manual entry in this case,
    Thanks again,

  2. Peter Connor May 9, 2014
    Hi Steve,

    I just removed your email from the post, you don't want to get spammed from spammy spammers out in that spammy world. I'll follow up with you now and recommend an accountant.

    Brendan Brady is a tax advisor and accountant I'll send you his details now.



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