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As a proprietary director of my business, I am not liable for employers PRSI against my salary.
How do I configure Bullet to reflect this and calculate my tax liability correctly?

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Peter Connor Staff April 7, 2014

Hi Harry,

You can import a P2C file that revenue give you and that will setup all your tax bands automatically. You can also select what PRSI class you our with our wizard if you manually set up an employee. Also if the employee is already setup then click on employees and click the employee and then click edit. You can find all of this in the employees section. 

Let me know if that helps. 


  1. HacksawHarry April 7, 2014
    Thanks Pete,
    I have set up details manually.
    i changed my tax class from A to S.
    However the tax calculation is still deducting Employer PRSI?
  2. Peter Connor April 7, 2014
    Sorry Steve!

    Did you select 'director' in the drop down.

    If you click on yourself in employees you'll see the option to select director.

    (Your only class s if you've over 15% so you can be a director and not class s. So there not connected in the system).

    Try that

  3. HacksawHarry April 7, 2014
    Hi Pete,

    In the drop down 'is this person a director?', 'Yes' was selected.
    I am over 15% so class S applies.

    Tax pending still shows Employer PRSI deduction

  4. Peter Connor April 7, 2014
    Hi Steve,

    Ill have a look at this for you now and get an answer for you.


  5. john_bullet April 7, 2014
    Hi Steve,
    Changing tax details won't recalculate existing wages, so you'd need to edit and save the wage again. The change would take effect on new wages created after the start date of the tax details that you modified.

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