Merge Employees P2C File

Is it possible to merge employees?
I created a new employee on March when I started using Bullet HQ, I then imported the P2C from ROS and this created a duplicate. The first employee has expenses against his name that I’d rather not delete.
Thank you.

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john_bullet Staff April 7, 2014

Hi Anthony,
If importing the ROS file created a duplicate employee, that means that the PPS numbers are different between the, which should not be the case (you may have entered the wrong PPSN number when you initially added the employee?)
There’s no way to merge 2 employees together.  However, you could delete the employee that was created by importing the P2C file, edit the existing employee to have the correct PPSN, then reimport the P2C file again

anthony April 8, 2014

Hi John, The employees were created from the iOS App when I uploaded receipts, without PPS numbers. 
I’ll delete the ROS employees, add PPD numbers for the original employees and re import the employee from the P2C.

  1. Peter Connor April 10, 2014
    Hi Anthony,

    Did this issue get resolved for you?


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