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Do you have a way to import PayPal transactions without resorting to heavy Excel use? 🙂

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Peter Connor Staff July 2, 2015

Have you tried using our Bank Rec feature – you’ll still need to import Excel? You can create a new bank account called PayPal.
Have PayPal integration at the invoice level and it does all the integration. 

  1. ssobolev July 2, 2015
    Hi Peter. There's no option for importing transactions for PayPal account, only AIB and Ulster... I'll try to use one of those.
  2. Peter Connor July 2, 2015
    Hi, Pick "other", and you'll see info and a spreadsheet to download. Then you can upload all the paypal transaction straight away.

  3. ssobolev July 3, 2015
    Peter, that thing does not really work. For example:
    Date,Description,Money In,Money out
    11/06/2011,Credit Card ,80,
    gets imported as
    Vendor, money IN: 80
    Credit card, Money out: 80

    Moreover, I can't delete them anymore
  4. ssobolev July 3, 2015
    Ok, got it, order is reverse. I probably missed it.
  5. Peter Connor July 3, 2015
    Cool. Glad you got it sorted.

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