What’s Changed With Bullets Free Online Accounting Software In A Year?

Q: What’s Changed With Bullets Free Online Accounting Software In A Year?

Hi Guys, this time last year I was looking at Bullet as an option to change my invoicing and accounting service. Back then, it it did not fully meet the needs of a Sole trader who deals with cash and invoices. Has there been any changes in the following:
1. Is there a way to change the invoice template? Is the company number option still at the bottom? ( Not all sole traders have company numbers)

2. Is it possible to import AIB personal account statements? Not all sold traders us IBB, I use normal AIB internet banking and it exports statements as csv.

3. Can cash lodgements be added without having to create an invoice? Before when I had a cash sale, I have to create an invoice for some reason instead of just being able to add money in.

Those were the 3 main things that I can remember that but me off it.

  1. Also... I don't see an edit option to be able to edit a question. Would be handy to edit out typos.
  2. Peter Connor December 9, 2014
    Hi Richie,

    Just working on your answer - bare with me.


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Peter Connor Staff December 9, 2014

Hi Richie,
Thanks for the Question and keeping an eye on Bullet.
Sorry for the lack of an edit feature (although you can edit in draft mode), if it’s any consolation, I’m dyslexic so I won’t spot them.
We work on the product everyday so a lot has changed. We launched an international version, we’ve full mutli-currency support right down to the balance sheet and we’re about to launch an APP store. We’ve lots of other improvements, speed, UX and we all celebrated a birthday!  
I’ll answer your specific questions below. 
Invoice Template: Sure we’re just in the final tests of our new invoicing engine, lots and lots of goodness. The invoices will be online, you’ll get read receipts, you’ll be able to accept payments and attach files with your invoices.
You’ll also be able to use multiple branding, and different templates. 
There is also a killer feature coming that will increase payment speed dramatically.
Personal AIB: Sure, you were always able to import any kind of statement. We built that into the product from the beginning so you could import credit cards etc. 
Here it is in action

Importing a bank statement free online accounting software

Importing a bank statement free online accounting software

Cash Lodgement: We’re actually building our first partnership into a US based company specialising in freelancer selling physical products. So we should have a cash lodgement by then, but you can still do cash lodgements via the Double Entry accounting system. 
Hope that helps, sorry for the delay I just needed to confirm some parts of this answer. 


  1. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for for the update. It all looks good so far.

    One follow up question that I have in regarding managing multiple businesses. I do have separate photography businesses ( Sports and Fashion) for example. Bother operate out of the same bank accounts, I just operate them under different names as they have different client bases. I have different logos and have different invoices.

    Is it safe to assume that in selecting different companies in the top option, that it deals with two separate bank accounts and invoice templates? Or for example will there be an option to use just one company but use two different invoice templates at once?

    ( I know its not a common or requirement, nor is it a game changer, but would make my life another little bit easier)
Peter Connor Staff December 11, 2014

Hi Richie,
Ok there are a couple of things about multiple businesses, I’ll explain both to you as I’m not sure which one your talking about.
Different Limited Businesses
So when you have different limited business you’ll have to produce a completely separate set of accounts for each. We currently allow for that to be managed with our multi company mode, so you can jump back and forth from the one dashboard. 
Different Trading Names
So this is regarding having two different “businesses”, but not two separate limited companies or sole traders. For example “Richie Fashion”, and “Richie Sports”.
So you could be Richie Ltd TA (Trading As) Richie Sports and Richie Fashion, likewise with as Sole Trader Richie you could have multiple trading names. 
* The bank accounts don’t really matter. 
This is actually pretty common practice, the new Bullet invoicing engine will allow you have multiple Trading Names, (or Companies (but not technically a separate company)). In Bullet we’re calling them brandings as its usually the differentiator, logo, address, emails etc.
Separate Companies
In your last question you mention selecting separate companies. That feature will be disconnected from the Sole Trader account, as it creates confusion. 
Hope that clears things up Richie. As you can see we’re working hard to make it easy for businesses. We’ve a tone of Photographers and Videographers on our books. Must be cause we’re such good looking co-founders!
Take care, and sorry for the delay. Was at a funeral today but wanted to come back to you personally. 
Any Q’s shoot them over. 

  1. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the reply. Your right in that it is different "brands" that I operate as opposed to two "companies". Literally the only thing that is different with them is the websites and logos. The all sue the same bank accounts and VAT number etc.

    The multi-branding feature is coming online soon, or is already there did you say?
  2. Peter Connor December 12, 2014
    It's just in test at the moment. So should be live before Christmas!


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