Accounting Categories: Change the category an item is listed under


Accounting Categories: Change the accounting categories an item is listed under 

I have made a mistake in the category items are listed under. Some are under printing and should be under goods for resale, is there anyway I can change this. Everything else is perfect, just the category needs changing.


  1. Peter Connor July 18, 2014
    Hi Phil,

    Just a couple of questions so I can give you a better answer. So you want to change the items say bills that have been placed under the wrong category. For example

    You've put BILL ONE under PRINTING but you want to put it under GOOD FOR SALE.

  2. Hi Pete,

    Absolutely right. When I go to do it, it says I cannot change it because I have done the VAT on it. But all I want to change is PRINTING to GOODS FOR SALE.

    Thanks Phil
  3. Thanks Pete,

    I think I know what I am doing this weekend
  4. Peter Connor July 18, 2014
    Ha, we're working on trying to automate the categorisations as they're for your main accounts. We're also going to produce a tagging system so you can tag bills etc around projects, officers etc.
  5. ooo fancy

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Peter Connor Staff July 18, 2014

Hi Phil, 
The idea of Bullet is to make you compliant with out having to think. So we make you stop doing things that will affect your year end.
So do the following.
– Take note of the VAT Period that is marked as paid in the error message.
– Go to Taxes, the Paid tab, and click the VAT Period in question.
– Mark as unpaid.
– Make the changes (just to the categories)
– Go to Taxes, the Paid tab, and click the VAT Period in question.
– Mark as paid. 
So what you’re doing is marking that tax period as unpaid, therefore freeing those items up for edits. Make sure you don’t change any of the values, as you’ll have to get an accountant to fix your next tax period. Also make sure you mark it as paid. 
Hope that helps.


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