How To Edit Bills On Bullet ?

New to your wonderful service!
Am trying to back date stuff to have this years financials in one place … but am making a few mistakes that I need to go back over … how can I edit some bills – mostly VAT errors, but a few other things too … e.g. duplication


  1. irene.sorohan February 28, 2014
    i figured it out - thanks for your help
  2. john_bullet February 28, 2014
    Great :)

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john_bullet Staff February 28, 2014

Hi Irene,
Welcome to Bullet!
On the editing of bills, invoices etc. you should be able to edit them (click on the one you want to edit in the overview screen, then click on the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom).
Sometimes we will stop you from editing an item.  For example, if the VAT period is already marked as paid, or if you have already received payment for the invoice or paid a bill.
In the case of already having received payment, you can delete just the payment asocciated with the bill/invoice you want to edit – edit it and make your changes – and then record the payment again.
What does the error message say when you try to edit the invoice/bill?

  1. irene.sorohan February 28, 2014
    i'm not getting far enough to get an error!
    I have already paid - as they are my backdated bill for the last few months. But I can't seem to figure out how to delete payment ?
  2. john_bullet February 28, 2014
    When you're viewing the bill, go down to the bottom. The list of payments will be there. Click on the X beside the payment you want to remove (it will ask you to confirm) and it will be deleted

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