How To Match Bank Account Entries In Free Online Accounting Software?

Q:  How To Match Bank Account Entries In Free Online Accounting Software?

I have two bank a/c entries related to two bullet entries but although both values add up and match, as individual values, they don’t match the bullet entries.  As a result, I can’t reconcile the two values to Bullet.  Here’s the scenario:
Bank a/c:
Entry A (P30 + VAT ROS payment): €1000
Entry B (P30): €700
Entry C (VAT): €300
So Tax payment in bank A/C is equal to the individual VAT and P30 entries in Bullet.  These reconciled perfectly in Bullet.
Later, an amendment was made to P30 (additional salary payment), and a new payment was processed by ROS to cover the balance. The P30 payment in Bullet was marked as unpaid.  Bullet recalculated the new payment owed.  I then marked this as paid
Bank A/C:
Entry A (P30 + VAT): €1000
Entry X (new P30 payment): €500
Entry B (old P30 + new P30) = €1200
Entry C (VAT) = €300
How can I get Bullet to reconcile the two Bank A/C entries now with Bullet’s?

  1. Darren May 1, 2014
    Hi guys,
    Just checking in on this for any update?
  2. Darren May 14, 2014
    Can you advise on what's possible please, or if this is a feature planned for a future release?

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Peter Connor Staff July 11, 2014

Sorry for the delay with this. At the moment you can’t reconcile more than one bank transaction against one single Bullet entry in the bank rec. You can the other way. We’re working on a fix for this, but it’s a bit of work. You’ll have to ignore the item and just click skip when you are doing your rec. 
Sorry about that, we’re always trying to make the end user compliant with out having to think but we missed this one and make the system to strict. 


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