is it possible to import existing spreadsheets (in excel) & use them with this software?

is it possible to import existing spreadsheets (in excel) & use them with this software?

  1. *fingers crossed here!!!*

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Peter Connor Staff February 20, 2016

Ha ha, 
Well the good news is it’s my Birthday tomorrow. The bad news is no. Accounts products “manipulate data”, like pushing it through a sieve so you can import exported data. 
We also ask for information that keeps you compliant, most spreadsheets don’t.
The whole idea of the product being free is to free people from spreadsheets. 🙂

  1. Peter Connor February 20, 2016
    Tell me a little about your business and what you're looking to do and I'll tell you what the min is you need to do to get on Bullet.
  2. a recruitment company; bank recs, invoice tracking etc. have a nice existing invoice template to keep. currently track all bills owed & those with/without VAT by spreadsheet so need to keep that too
  3. was recommended xero but its old & crappy...... like reinventing the wheel and couldnt use existing invoice template (with yours it accepted headers etc straight away so YAY!), bank account imports etc
  4. back in 20 mins (school run)
  5. Peter Connor February 20, 2016
    Boom your back.
  6. Peter Connor February 20, 2016
    I've some Q's.
    Are you a sole trader or limited company?
  7. a company
  8. Peter Connor February 20, 2016
    Ok so you've done your year end just past?
  9. nope; new company last started last april; year end will be end of march
  10. Peter Connor February 20, 2016
    Ok, and you're not registered for vat?
  11. we are reg for VAT
  12. some of our clients are internationally placed = no VAT; some are domestically placed = VAT applicable
  13. we do VAT 3 returns etc
  14. Peter Connor February 20, 2016
    Cool. Ok so the best thing to do is the following, you can keep all your old spreadsheets etc so they don't really matter to Bullet (and are usually wrong - cheeky)
    Take a bank rec from when you started the business. (your bank must match your accounts Rev look at the accounts).
    Enter in a total invoice for each client to bring them up to day. As in if you do recruitment for AIB and have sent them 10 invoices that are paid and one that is outstanding just create one invoice for all the paid ones (totals are fine).
    You can add your payroll runs too
    Bullet will automatically start generating your P30's and VAT3's you can just mark them as paid (if you've paid them).
    That's really it. Start with the bank account. Ignore your spreadsheets.
  15. excellent news...... finally acc software that doesnt reinvent the wheel! what format do the existing files (bank statements, invoices, payroll runs) need to be in to work? Excel/word/adobe requirements etc?
  16. this now means I can get this set up this weekend and get ahead of next VAT return & prepared for end of year
  17. Peter Connor February 20, 2016
    I don't understand the file formats, everything is done in Bullet. it does everything.
    Your bank will give you an export file, if not pick "other", from our dropdown list and we'll give you a spreadsheet that's already formatted you can just copy and paste your banks website into that.
    We automate all the VAT3/P35/P30s returns, so they'll be done automatically.

    We also update all your management reports in the backend too. It's Xero but with a bit layer of workflows sitting on top of it.
  18. ok thanks for all your help Pete; much appreciated!
  19. Peter Connor February 20, 2016
    Keep it real. Have a good weekend. Up the Kingdom.
  20. LOL cheers!!

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