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Can I record receipts as cash, debit laser or credit.

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john_bullet Staff April 19, 2015

Receipts aren’t assigned directly against a bank account, as they are recorded against an employee who paid for the expense so that the business can reimburse them.  This is for limited companies only at the moment.
Is this what you were asking, or did you mean something else?

  1. SocialZavvy April 21, 2015
    Thanks John

    I meant when I am logging the receipt can I'd like the option to log/mark the receipt as a cash receipt, debit or credit receipt. I keep a list each month of cash receipts versus credit/debit receipts .

  2. john_bullet April 21, 2015
    Hi Pauline,
    There's no specific field to record that information, but when you're recording a Bill, you can add something into the reference number (or the comments section at the bottom) to note the fact that something was paid with cheque/cash/card etc.

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